Friday, November 27, 2009

New Website

I appologize for not keeping this up for the past couple of months. We had so much going on with our trip to the Royal, a trip to Libertyville, and our crazy life in general. Overall we had a great fall getting 13th in the Royal Invitational, a 9th place Brisket call in the Royal Open, and 3rd overall in Libertyville. I really hated to see the season end, however, it was nice to finish on a high note getting top ten calls in all four categories in our last run. It could be a long winter with over five months without a BBQ competition. Already looking forward to our trip to Little Rock for the "richest" BBQ contest ever ($100,000 prize fund) in March.

One of my projects for the winter was to create a real Website for our team. You can now find this blog and other things at Other than the blog the main focus of the Website will be my BBQ Video Journey project in 2010. I purchased a new camcomder and I plan to chronical our BBQ adeventures in 2010 via video on the Website. I figured if Pitmasters on TLC wouldn't have me, I would make my own show :)

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, September 4, 2009

It's a long drive to Tennesse anyway right?

Well, we didn't get drawn to go to the Jack Daniel's World Championship. A lot of very deserving teams did get selected and we will have more chances at it in the future. I think I will just try to get one of those automatics next year...this draw crap is hard on a guys heart :-) It was fun just to be involved in the process and to have a shot. Now, back to work to try to get in for 2010!
You can find the results of the draw here :

Big Island BBQ, Albert Lea Mn Recap

We had a great time in Albert Lea with some good weather, a good party, and good food. This contest is held at the Freeborn County fairgrounds. This was our fourth or fifth event held at a fairgrounds and I'm really starting to appreciate these venues. They almost all have excellent power, are on grass, and have water available...three things that make the events much more enjoyable for us.

Matt and I make the forty five minute trek Friday morning and got everything setup and the meats prepped. This contest had a peoples choice chicken wings contest that we participated in. It was important to get everything else done Friday afternoon as we knew we would be messing with the wings most of the evening. Brian, Jeff, and their families along with several of Kim's co-workers joined us Friday night for supper and a drink or two. Everyone had a great time Friday night and we even managed to kill most of a $50 bottle of Jack that belonged to our neighbor Tony. He was a good sport about it and probably had a shot or ten out of it as well.

The meats cooked without incident overnight and the ribs and chicken went on as scheduled Saturday morining. The turnins went very well, we really have this process down at this point in the year. The chicken was some of the best I had made in a while as far as tenderness went but we were a little concerned we had overdone the pepper a bit. We scrambled to attempt to sweeten them up. As you will see below it either worked or the judges like pepper :-). The ribs looked great with about an hour to go but by the time we got them off the smoker and into the turn in box the had overcooked considerably. This is something like the third time I have done that this year, and I am changing our timing up a bit for the rest of the year. The pork was pork like usual. When we sliced the brisket I knew it was money. I got to the "sweet spot" for slices and they were some of the prettiest and moistest slices I have ever seen. The flavor was spot on and the burnt ends melted like was going to be a good brisket day!

At the start of the awards ceremony they announced that there had been two perfect scores that day. A perfect score is all 9's in all three judged categories from all five counted judges resulting in a 180 point score. This is a somewhat rare feat (I have heard about twenty are given out a year with many coming from categories other than the main four meats). There were several "other" categories at the event and I assumed the 180's we in those events as that is the only place I had ever seen the perfect score. Sure enough they get to dessert and 1st place had a 180 perfect score. I was a bit suprised when they got to brisket without the other 180 (I think everyone was). They go throught spots 10-2 and no TippyCanoe BBQ Crew...I will be honest, I was starting to get upset, how could that not have been a top 10 entry? They really built up the 1st places and when they finally got to brisket they again mentioned that 1st place brisket had received a perfect score...I nearly fell over when we heard our name for that 180 point first place brisket! It will be one of the highlights of our rookie year and something I will never forget. After the awards I was told that this win will get us an invite into the Chest to Chest Invitational Brisket only contest to be held in Great Bend Kansas in July of 2010. Kansas in July may be a bit tough but I think we can handle it! After the event a representative from KCBS told me that this was only the second 180 given for Brisket in 2009 in the entire Country!

Big Island Barbeque - Aug 29, 2009
Albert Lea, MN

Out of 49 Teams

4th Place - OVERALL
3rd Place - CHICKEN
35th Place - RIBS
16th Place - PORK
1st Place - BRISKET

Our overcooked ribs really killed us but that is that way it goes and why it is so hard to win in this game. I guess it gives me something to work on in September! The guys and I are headed to Vermillion South Dakota next weekend and I can't wait to get back in and try again.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Schedule Update

We have changed our schedule a bit to end our first full season so I thought I would post an update. We have 6 competitions remaining:

August 28-29 Big Island BBQ Albert Lea, MN
Sept 11-12 South Dakota State BBQ Championship Vermillion, SD
Sept 18-19 SMSU SmokeFest Marshall, MN
Oct 2-3 American Royal Invitational Kansas City, MO
Oct 3-4 American Royal Open Kansas City, MO
Oct 16-17 Barn Burner Bar-B-Q Libertyville, IL (unless we get into the Jack Daniels Invitational, in that case we will go to Lynchburg TN later in October and skip this one).

As you can see from the Power Rankings to the right of this post, we have slipped a bit in the rankings due to sitting out the last several weeks. The next month will move us back up that list with a little luck! My goal is to finish the year in the top 75 teams and to finish in the top 25 in Brisket. We will have to cook our butts off to get there, but you gotta have goals, right?

Back on the trail

After four weeks off TippyCanoe BBQ Crew will be back on the KCBS trail this weekend. We will be competing in the Big Island Barbeque contest held in Albert Lea Minnesota.

This is our last contest prior to the Jack Daniel's World Invitational Draw which will be held next Thursday September 3rd. We have our name in the hat in Minnesota from our win in Owatonna In May and would love to get a second bung in the draw. You can read more about the teams in the draw here
Rod did a great job of putting a list together. The condensed story on the draw is that they will take all the winners from each state and draw out a representative for that state (they also draw for a winner "from" each state if not all are represented after the draw).

Monday, August 3, 2009

Up in Smoke BBQ Bash, Mason City Recap

We cooked the event in Mason City last week and had a great time. The Bash is held in East Park and it is a great setting for a BBQ contest. We had some issues with power early on Friday but we got those resolved and all went well from there. Being so close to home and work we had many visitors and it all went by very quickly. Our turn-ins were very consistent; nothing great in my mind, but nothing terrible either. The judges agreed and we were very happy to finish 7th overall and 3rd in Brisket in this extermely tough field. In fact, our total score in Mason City was only 1 point shy of our Grand Championship score in Owatonna in May.

Up in Smoke BBQ - Mason City, IA
Out of 65 Teams
7th Place - OVERALL
29th Place - CHICKEN
20th Place - RIBS
21th Place - PORK
3rd Place - BRISKET

On a side note, I keep bragging about the competition we've faced this year so I thought I better put some facts behind it. KCBS just released the updated Team of the Year standings for 2009. We have competed against 13 of the top 25 teams in the country to this point (and most of them several times).

Waterloo and Laporte City Recap

Well we surived the double contest weekend. We had a good experience at both competitions and it was good to get our feet wet with two in one weekend prior to the Royal in October. I will say I would not want to do two contests in one weekend on a regular basis. We were totally shot by the time it was all over Sunday afternoon. It probably didn't help matters that we didn't have a strong showing in either event. Below are the gory details, all in all two of our poorest performances of the year.

BBQ'Loo & Blues Too - Waterloo, IA
Out of 35 Teams
12th Place - OVERALL
7th Place - CHICKEN
21th Place - RIBS
9th Place - PORK
20th Place - BRISKET

BBQ in the Park - La Porte City, IA
Out of 25 Teams
14th Place - OVERALL
11th Place - CHICKEN
8th Place - RIBS
20th Place - PORK
14th Place - BRISKET

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Doing the Double

This weekend we will compete in two KCBS competitions. It is our first attempt at the two in one weekend and I am really looking forward to it. I have two chances to screw the ribs up :)

We will be cooking in the BBQ'loo and Blues Too competition in Waterloo on Friday/Saturday...and as soon as we are done in Waterloo we will be headed to the BBQ in the Park in Laporte City (about 15 min down the road) for Saturday/Sunday. Matt, Brian, and Jeff will be along for the ride and it should be a great weekend!

We WILL put all four together once this weekend :)

Marshalltown Recap

This post is really really late so I will just post a quick recap of the weekend.

The weather was perfect and with the exception of 2 minutes of drizzle it was dry (first time ever). I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but again there were some of the best teams in the country in attendance.

We were happy with everything except for the ribs (again, it seems like I say that after every competition...I'm starting to really hate ribs). After tasting the ribs I thought about not turning them in at all. From the looks of the results I should have thrown them away.

Chicken 24th
Ribs 60th
Pork 12th
Brisket 9th
Overall 24th (out of 65)

The terrible ribs hurt badly, cost us a top ten for sure and a possible top five. Oh well, perhaps we can put all four together again this weekend. It was great to see Ryan and Terry with Big T'z Q Cru take their second Grand Championship in as many contests. They are a new team just like us, and obviously they have it rolling. It's fun to see team win that actually seems to enjoy it!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

O'Town BBQ Showdown Recap

Sommer and I had a great time in Ottumwa last weekend. The weather was great on Friday and we managed to navigate into our spot around noon. It was another tough crowd with lots of great teams.

We had a couple challenges on the weekend....I woke up about 3:30 am to a hard rain, no big deal as the cookers were under the awning. I decided to get up to check on them to be sure, I took the first step out of the trailer and knew something was wrong as I felt my shoe fill with water. I quickly realized that we had 6+ inches of water running through our site. It was a mess with cooler, garbage, logs, you name it floating by. The water was about 2 inches from coming into the firebox on the smoker. After about ten minutes it stopped raining and the water started to go down...that could have been really bad, but in the end it was no big deal.

Challenge number two proved to be a bigger issue. Brisket has been, by far, our best category...I knew that would not be the case this weekend when I took our brisket out of the package. It had a huge fat cap and after I got it trimmed it was really skinny. In my experience a skinny brisket is a dry brisket. This one was no exception. I probably should have made a couple off adjustments to cooking or trimming, lesson learned I guess. Everything else went off as planned and we were really happy with the other three categories. The judges did not agree :) Our scores were actually pretty good with everything except the ribs in the 160's but it wasn't good enough for a top ten call.

Out of 30 Teams
12th Place - OVERALL
12th Place - CHICKEN
15th Place - RIBS
12th Place - PORK
14th Place - BRISKET

A very consistent outing just not consistently good! Overall, I was happy with everything except the Brisket and we will give it another go June 26th in Marshalltown.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

O'Town BBQ Showdown Ottumwa, IA

We will be competing in the first ever O'Town BBQ Showdown this weekend. This contest was a late add to the schedule. Sommer (my oldest) and I are cooking together this weekend. It will be nice (for dad anyway) to get a little father/daughter time in! I am really looking forward to getting back to the normal categories and we're hoping to followup on our good showing in Owatonna. I told Sommer I would split any winnings with her as she is trying to raise money for a couple of trips in the coming year. As a result the pressure is on, with me luck hopefully Sommer can earn a few bucks :)

BarbeQlossal Recap

We had a great time in Des Moines at the Qlossal. The event is very well organized and well run. I field was amazingly tough this week and it was fun to cook in the same event as several folks I've seen on the Food Network :)

As I mentioned the categories were different this week....lets just say I like the regular categories better. I will never complain about prepping chicken ever again!

Or turn ins were just sort of OK and the judges agreed (out of 59 teams):

Ribs 39th 158.86
Pork 12th 168.57
Loin 35th 153.14
Overall 31st

This was our first Iowa competition of the year, so it was also our first crack at Iowa Barbecue Society team of the year points in Ribs and Pork. One good and one bad. Actually, that is our best pork score ever...a good way to start. The IBS takes a teams top 4 scores and averages them together to determine the TOY. We are doing 5 contests in Iowa so it will be fun to see how we stack up against some of the big boys in Iowa at the end of the year.

Overall, it was a good weekend and I think we found a pork recipe to replicate the rest of the year.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Great Pork BarbeQlossal Des Moines, IA

TippyCanoe BBQ Crew will be competing in the Great Pork BarbeQlossal at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. It will be just my family this weekend and we are really looking forward to it. We have heard nothing but good things about this event!

The Qlossal is different than all of the other competitions we will compete in this year. The event is sponsored by the National Pork Board and is a pork only contest that follows the same KCBS rules. The biggest change is the categories themselves. They are pork, pork ribs, pork loin, and whole hog (the whole hog category does not count towards to overall results). We don't have the capacity to cook a whole hog so we will only be doing the first three. With our results in chicken and brisket the past couple of weeks I'm a little sad to see them left out, but it will be fun to try something different.

With 59 of the best teams in the country coming to town it will be challenge to place in this one!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Now that was fun :)

The weather was great (with the exception of a few light showers overnight), the smokers worked great, and our timing was nearly perfect. I hauled the trailer up and started prepping during the day Friday. Kim and the kids as well as Brian and Matt and their families came up Friday evening. It was another well attended event with 43 teams competing. The meat went on and we were off to bed around 1am. The morning went as planned and before we knew it turn ins were done once again.

After turn ins I felt really good about what we had turned out. We nailed the chicken and brisket and the ribs were better than our previous attempts. The pork is always a question mark for us and this time was no different. I was hoping for a couple of calls.

The awards ceremony went better than I could have imagined. We first heard our name in the Chicken category with a 5th place finish. Ribs were next and we were pleasantly suprised to get a 3rd place call. The pork category passed by with no call. As they called the names for brisket I thought to myself, if we could get a top 5 in brisket we might have a chance at this thing...just then i heard our team name for 3rd place in Brisket. The top awards had been pretty spread out and I had a feeling it was down to us and Iowa's Smokey D's for the Grand Championship. My thoughts were accurate and they called Darren for Reserve Champion and TippyCanoe BBQ Crew as Grand Champion. Needless to say we were thrilled. I don't think my feet hit the ground all the way to the stage. I still can't believe we won :)

The Grand Championship in this "state championship" event gets us an invite to the American Royal BBQ in Kansas City in October ( and in the "draw" for the Jack Daniels World Championship in Lynchburg, Tn (we have a 1 in 4 chance of getting drawn as far as I can tell).

Its a weekend I won't soon forget!!

Here are the scores:

Chicken 5th 170.28

Ribs 3rd 168

Pork 15th 158.85

Brisket 3rd 169.14

Overall 1st 666.28

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Smokin in Steele, Owatonna Mn

TippyCanoe BBQ Crew will be competing in the 2nd annual Smokin in Steele BBQ competition in Owatonna Minnesota this weekend. I'm taking Friday off and hope to be on the road by 9-9:30am. Its another short drive at around an hour travel time.

The weather forecast looks fantastic with no rain and temps around 80. I hope that comes through, mother nature owes me one after Austin a couple of weeks ago.

It sounds like it will be another well attended event with 40 plus teams. I'm hoping we can put all four categories together for the first time this year and come out with a decent showing!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Minnesota in May Recap

Well that was fun...sort of :) The weather was just wicked with 35 degree temps and 35 mph winds. To add to the fun I pinched a nerve in my back early in the morning on Friday. I couldn't even stand up straight until Friday afternoon, but I survived. I was very nice being close to home, Austin is only about 20 miles from home for us. We had several visitors and cooked a couple of pork loins for supper Friday night.

Despite the wind and cold weather the Backwoods Smokers held temps great and didn't miss a beat. Like usual morning snuck up on us and it wasn't long and turn-in's were done. We must be getting a little better at it with practice as all went very smoothly. With 71 teams completing and some very stiff competition I knew it would take our best to get any calls. Overall, I was happy with our turn-ins. The chicken was amazing and looked great, the ribs were OK, the pork was just pork like usual (we are going to change this up in Owatonna in 2 weeks), and the brisket was some of the best we have turned out. The judges agreed with us for a change and the results looked like this:

Chicken 7th with a 170.28
Ribs 44th with a 152.57
Pork 47th with a 151.43
Brisket 9th with a 165.14
Overall 17th with a 639.43

I will take two calls with that crowd any day! Ribs still seem to be my nemesis, I'm going to cook some for the family this weekend to try something different. We had good time despite the weather and a few hiccups with the organization of the contest. Looking forward to taking another stab at it in Owatonna the last weekend in May.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Capital City Cookoff Recap

We had a great time in Jefferson City, Mo last weekend. Brian, Matt, and I got on the road with the new trailer about 5:30pm on Thursday night. The trip was pretty uneventful (thank god) and we managed to find a Wal-Mart parking lot around midnight in Mexico, Mo and caught a few hours of sleep. We got back on the road Friday morning and arrived in Jefferson City by 10:00am. We got everything setup and to my surprise I actually remembered to pack everything :). We kind of ended up in the middle of nowhere with the trailer and we felt a little out there...another lesson learned, don't setup in the middle away from turn in, you may end up by yourself!

The big meats went on around midnight Friday night and the big cooker and Guru did not want to cooperate. The temps were all over the board and it took almost three hours for it to settle in around 230 degrees. I have never seen the Fatboy act that way and I'm still not sure what was happening there...the air just seemed a little funny(wet and heavy), maybe that had something to do with it. As usual, morning came way too fast and before we knew it it was 11:00am Saturday. The good news is once the Fatboy settled down everything went very smoothly.

Turn in time: The chicken came off the Party and looked great, it was pretty easy to pick out the six best/most uniform pieces. We all had a piece of chicken and agreed it was some of our best to date with one had a little too much kick to it. I must have gotten a little heavy handed with the rub. It was juicy, tender, and tasted great but I was worried about the heat. Here is a picture of the box

Ribs- The ribs came off and again we thought they were very good, they had good flavor and were tender but still left a very distinct "bite" mark when eaten. We were pleased and off they went. We somehow forgot the picture of the ribs, so you will have to trust me they looked good:)

Pork- The pork came out of the warmed cooler and we were happy with it as well. We only cooked two butts this time and one was much more tender than the other so we only ended up turning in out of that piece. Again, it came together nicely and off it went with the delivery bitch(Matt).

Brisket- I got the brisket out of the cooler and knew we were in was a bit undercooked, tough, and dry. We sliced it up and doctored up the best six slices we could find with sauce and more rub. The flavor ended up OK, but I was afraid to see the tenderness scores already...I had made up some burnt ends, but even they were just kind of OK, I figured they couldn't hurt the score of the slices any and in the box they went.

Well, three out of four isn't bad right? We were satisfied for the most part and starting packing everything up. We had everything put away and were ready to hit the road by the time the awards started. As we walked into the building where the awards ceremony was to be held I told the guys if we were going to get a call it would be in either chicken or ribs, I really felt like they were our two best of the day. After not hearing our name for either chicken or ribs I really felt like we were not gong to get a call. But sure enough in the 9th place pork position we hear our name called. It made it all worth it! As they came to the brisket category I had no hope for a call, I told Matt that I would fall over if we had placed in the top 10 in brisket. And then right on cue, 8th place brisket goes to TippyCanoe BBQ Crew. I'm still stunned at that, but was soon to be even more stunned when I got the scores sheet and saw just how poorly we did in chicken and ribs. Oh well, I guess that's the way it goes....perhaps it shows how little I know about what good BBQ should taste like:)

Results(out of 55 teams):

Overall 19th place 633

Chicken 34th place 154.3

Ribs 42nd place 148.6

Pork 9th place 165.7

Brisket 8th place 165.1

With 55 teams and some of the best on the country in attendance I was very pleased with our finish. Gonna have to figure out what to do with the ribs as the scores keep going the wrong way, I really think the extra heat in the chicken killed us there so that is easily fixed...overall I will take it. I'm already looking forward to Mn in May in Austin on May 15th...then the real season starts!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ready to go...

Well I think we are ready for the season to begin. The trailer is done! We finished installing the 3 bay sink this week and everything works great. It will be nice to have a place for everything.

I've done several chicken practice cooks over the past couple of weeks and feel really good about the new recipe. I also cooked 6 pork butts for a friends party over the weekend so that was a good way to get back in the swing for pork. It was a crazy winter and I haven't cooked a brisket or ribs since December. To add to the fun I decided to mix up the rib recipe a bit...probably a sketchy idea, but after our rib finish in Libertyville its time to change something.

Matt, Brian and I are leaving for Jefferson City Thursday evening. We hope to get most of the way there and find a parking lot park to sleep for the night. I originally started this blog to track and share our stories from competitions so I'm looking forward to posting the Jefferson City story when we get home.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

2009 Competition Schedule

Below is our tentative 2009 competition schedule. We may switch a couple out as we go...

April 17 & 18
Capital City Cookoff
Jefferson City, MO

May 15 & 16
Minnesota in May
Austin, MN

May 29 & 30
Smokin' in Steele
Owatonna, MN

June 5 & 6
The Great Pork BarbeQlossal
Des Moines, IA

June 26 & 27
Iowa State BBQ Championship
Marshalltown, IA

July 17 & 18
BBQloo and Blues Too
Waterloo, IA

July 24 & 25
Up in Smoke BBQ Bash
Mason City, IA

July 31/Aug 1
Lynch Livestock Pig Stampede
Waucoma, IA

August 28 & 29
Big Island BBQ
Albert Lea, MN

September 5 & 6
Throwdown on the River
Dubuque, IA

September 25 & 26
River City RoundUp
Omaha, NE

October 16 & 17
Barn Burner Bar-B-Q
Libertyville, IL

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Here are a few pictures of TIPPYQ, our new cooking trailer. We do a lot of camping as a family and had a nice travel trailer. It took two comps of loading the smokers and gear in and out of the pickup and camper last fall to realize I didn't want to do that 10 times a year. So the search began for a toy hauler that would fit the family for camping and would accomodate my BBQ stuff...I found this a couple of hours away at a dealer in Wisconsin. Its a monster @ 37' long, but its got everything we need (I think I can get into most comps in this area with it, just gonna cost a bit more).

The garage area is a 10' long.We've got a lot of work to do to get her ready to head to Jefferson City Mo in April. I have a small Fridge and a row of cabinets ready for the right side and a stainless table for the left. I'm still looking for a 60" or smaller 3 bay sink to go in front of the stainless table. There are no outlets in the garage so I plan to run conduit for outlets and additional lights. I am also planning to convert the fuel station that is mounted in the frame under where the sink will go to a grey water tank for the sink drain.
I will post a couple more pics when we get it done!

2008 Recap

Following our success in Carpenter we decided to try our hand at the real deal. We began looking for a KCBS sanctioned competition in the area. After comparing schedules we decided to enter the Ben Biken BBQ Bash in Sparta Wisconsin. We had a great time in Sparta and were amazed at our finish...out of 25 teams we placed:

16th in Chicken with a 148.57
5th in Ribs with a 158.85
2nd in Pork with a 164.57
2nd in Brisket with a 163.57
2nd place overall with a 635.43

Needless to say we were very pleased(with the exception of the dried-out chicken)!

With winter fast approaching I decided to try to get one more competition in before the snow flew. This time I would take my family to the Barn Burner BBQ in Libertyville Illinios. Before heading to Libertyville I decided that I "needed" another smoker! So a couple of weeks before the trip I purchased a Backwoods Fatboy to go along with my Party. The Fatboy is very similar to the Party, its slighty bigger, better insulated, holds more coal, and more meat. The weather was a bit cold overnight and it was a long trip but we still managed to have a great time. We came back down to earth a bit results wise...out of 32 teams:

11th in Chicken with a 155.42
21st in Ribs with a 144
9th in Pork with a 153.71
3rd in Brisket with a 157.14
11th overall with a 610.28

I was happy with the results, I thought the scores were about right with the exception of the ribs. They were by far the best ribs I have ever made, but thats the way it goes I guess!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Begining

Before 2009 starts I thought I would get you up to speed on how I got to this point! In 2007 I bought a cheap offset Chargriller smoker and started experimenting. We do a lot a camping and the smoker started making trips with us to the campground. I started reading about BBQ on the Internet (my wife would say at a disturbing rate) and I was hooked.

I bought a Backwoods Party Smoker in the early spring of 2008, if I was going to compete I had to have a real smoker :). I practiced all summer in preparation for a non-sanctioned event that was to be held in Carpenter Iowa in August. I recruited my brother-in-law Brian and my Cousin Jeff as the crew (they would like to be known as the All Natural Smokin' Crew, named for their favorite cheap swill, Natural Light). The plan going into Carpenter was that if we didn't embarrass ourselves we would hit a KCBS sanctioned competition in the fall. We ended up as Grand Champions and a monster was officially born....we were hooked.

Welcome to TippyCanoe BBQ

With the 2009 competition season quickly approaching I thought I would start this blog and use it as a way to track our results and share our experiences. We are planning to start the year off in Jefferson City Mo on April 17th. In the next couple of weeks I will post our 2009 schedule.