Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Now that was fun :)

The weather was great (with the exception of a few light showers overnight), the smokers worked great, and our timing was nearly perfect. I hauled the trailer up and started prepping during the day Friday. Kim and the kids as well as Brian and Matt and their families came up Friday evening. It was another well attended event with 43 teams competing. The meat went on and we were off to bed around 1am. The morning went as planned and before we knew it turn ins were done once again.

After turn ins I felt really good about what we had turned out. We nailed the chicken and brisket and the ribs were better than our previous attempts. The pork is always a question mark for us and this time was no different. I was hoping for a couple of calls.

The awards ceremony went better than I could have imagined. We first heard our name in the Chicken category with a 5th place finish. Ribs were next and we were pleasantly suprised to get a 3rd place call. The pork category passed by with no call. As they called the names for brisket I thought to myself, if we could get a top 5 in brisket we might have a chance at this thing...just then i heard our team name for 3rd place in Brisket. The top awards had been pretty spread out and I had a feeling it was down to us and Iowa's Smokey D's for the Grand Championship. My thoughts were accurate and they called Darren for Reserve Champion and TippyCanoe BBQ Crew as Grand Champion. Needless to say we were thrilled. I don't think my feet hit the ground all the way to the stage. I still can't believe we won :)

The Grand Championship in this "state championship" event gets us an invite to the American Royal BBQ in Kansas City in October (http://www.arbbq.com/) and in the "draw" for the Jack Daniels World Championship in Lynchburg, Tn (we have a 1 in 4 chance of getting drawn as far as I can tell).

Its a weekend I won't soon forget!!

Here are the scores:

Chicken 5th 170.28

Ribs 3rd 168

Pork 15th 158.85

Brisket 3rd 169.14

Overall 1st 666.28

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