Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Doing the Double

This weekend we will compete in two KCBS competitions. It is our first attempt at the two in one weekend and I am really looking forward to it. I have two chances to screw the ribs up :)

We will be cooking in the BBQ'loo and Blues Too competition in Waterloo on Friday/Saturday...and as soon as we are done in Waterloo we will be headed to the BBQ in the Park in Laporte City (about 15 min down the road) for Saturday/Sunday. Matt, Brian, and Jeff will be along for the ride and it should be a great weekend!

We WILL put all four together once this weekend :)

Marshalltown Recap

This post is really really late so I will just post a quick recap of the weekend.

The weather was perfect and with the exception of 2 minutes of drizzle it was dry (first time ever). I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but again there were some of the best teams in the country in attendance.

We were happy with everything except for the ribs (again, it seems like I say that after every competition...I'm starting to really hate ribs). After tasting the ribs I thought about not turning them in at all. From the looks of the results I should have thrown them away.

Chicken 24th
Ribs 60th
Pork 12th
Brisket 9th
Overall 24th (out of 65)

The terrible ribs hurt badly, cost us a top ten for sure and a possible top five. Oh well, perhaps we can put all four together again this weekend. It was great to see Ryan and Terry with Big T'z Q Cru take their second Grand Championship in as many contests. They are a new team just like us, and obviously they have it rolling. It's fun to see team win that actually seems to enjoy it!