Friday, November 27, 2009

New Website

I appologize for not keeping this up for the past couple of months. We had so much going on with our trip to the Royal, a trip to Libertyville, and our crazy life in general. Overall we had a great fall getting 13th in the Royal Invitational, a 9th place Brisket call in the Royal Open, and 3rd overall in Libertyville. I really hated to see the season end, however, it was nice to finish on a high note getting top ten calls in all four categories in our last run. It could be a long winter with over five months without a BBQ competition. Already looking forward to our trip to Little Rock for the "richest" BBQ contest ever ($100,000 prize fund) in March.

One of my projects for the winter was to create a real Website for our team. You can now find this blog and other things at Other than the blog the main focus of the Website will be my BBQ Video Journey project in 2010. I purchased a new camcomder and I plan to chronical our BBQ adeventures in 2010 via video on the Website. I figured if Pitmasters on TLC wouldn't have me, I would make my own show :)

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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