Monday, August 3, 2009

Waterloo and Laporte City Recap

Well we surived the double contest weekend. We had a good experience at both competitions and it was good to get our feet wet with two in one weekend prior to the Royal in October. I will say I would not want to do two contests in one weekend on a regular basis. We were totally shot by the time it was all over Sunday afternoon. It probably didn't help matters that we didn't have a strong showing in either event. Below are the gory details, all in all two of our poorest performances of the year.

BBQ'Loo & Blues Too - Waterloo, IA
Out of 35 Teams
12th Place - OVERALL
7th Place - CHICKEN
21th Place - RIBS
9th Place - PORK
20th Place - BRISKET

BBQ in the Park - La Porte City, IA
Out of 25 Teams
14th Place - OVERALL
11th Place - CHICKEN
8th Place - RIBS
20th Place - PORK
14th Place - BRISKET

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  1. Well, just save the best performance for last...let me know if you have any open spots for the royal...would be awesome to go to that.