Sunday, March 20, 2011

Memphis Pro

With the weather finally warming up a bit I had a chance to do several practice cooks with the new Memphis Wood Fire Grill. I cooked my competition style chicken and it turned out great. A little tweaking with the timing and I think we've got a winner. They took up a great smoke flavor from the apple and cherry pellets and they were very juicy and tender. Two more chicken cooks this week and we'll be ready to roll with it in Pleasant Hill.

I cooked a few steaks on it as well last week and they were phenomenal. Set the grill at 650 degrees and in 8 minutes I had a perfect Ribeye.

I also spent a little time updating the Website a bit, I hope to continue to do so! Speaking of websites, anyone want to trade website work for BBQ? I would love to have a professional often updated site, I just don't have the skills to do it :)!

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